Drain Core

When synthetic turfs are used, drainage is a very important aspect of the entire system. To help drain the turf, traditionally stone was used to provide an adequate drainage layer. Unfortunately, to get adequate drainage, 4 to 6 inches of stone had to be incorporated into the design. To do this, extra excavation and grading were required resulting in higher costs. In addition, the stone provided a rough base for the synthetic turf that was difficult to grade and would intrude into the turf over time.

Athletic Fields require an effective drainage system to efficiently dry out fields to allow more time on the playing field yet not effect a player’s performance while running.

Pipe and stone drains require large quantities of stone and major equipment to install. Material, equipment and labor cost are high. During the installation drains, time and labor become a costly factor. To excavate trenches for the traditional drainage systems (pipe and stone), major equipment must be used and large amounts of excavation will need to be hauled away to make room for the traditional drainage system.

Drain Core is designed to replace perforated pipe and stone drainage systems in various applications. It provides a significantly higher flow rate as well as increased ease of handling and installation.


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